Life Balance Jumpstart: The Wellness Make-Over

The Program

What is Life Balance Jumpstart? 

307761_522432065080_348116187_nLife Balance Jumpstart is an intensive 5-week program designed to help YOU feel and be your best.  Our mission as experienced wellness coaches and yoga teachers is to share invaluable tools that will not only help you establish greater life balance now and in the future, but also assist you in navigating life with more grace, confidence, curiosity, and resilience.  Our passion is helping our clients feel balanced, nurtured, and connected with their sense of purpose. From here, so much is possible.

How it Works:

The success of our program is built on MUTUAL COMMITMENT.

Over the 5 weeks we work together, we ask you to commit to 2 in-person yoga and coaching sessions every week.  These are a total of 1.5 hours long each and will take place in your home or any other appropriate space that’s best for you.  One will be facilitated by Sophie and the other by Maggie.  We’ll also ask you to explore various assignments on your own that align with your needs, values, and goals.

Our commitment to you is our full presence, support, and honesty.  Creating a safe and trusting environment is of upmost importance to us.  We commit to lovingly challenge you, too.

Why is it an Intensive Program? 

So often, we want to create positive change and foster wholesome habits, but that drive gets dissolved in the to-dos of everyday life. We take care of our partners, friends, children, parents, and colleagues… yet our priorities and even our health can end up on the back burner.  When we immerse ourselves in a committed routine this can shift dramatically.  Positive transformation will not only occur sooner, but is also more likely to last.  And, when we truly care for our self by eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, and honoring what’s important to us, we can more effectively show up for everyone and everything in our life.

This is why we structure Life Balance Jumpstart as an intensive 5-week program – so it’s at the forefront each and every day for over a month.  This gives us the time needed to help you find and stay connected with your rhythm.

Why do we make a good team?

IMG_7837We have known each other since Kindergarten, are possibly some of the most caring individuals you will ever meet, and have both coincidentally found our life missions drawn to helping others through yoga and wellness coaching.

The Skeleton of Our Program

WEEK ONE: Who are you?

We’re eager to know more about you.  We’ll ask a lot of questions during the first week, including:

  • What are you hoping to get out of this program?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your goals, both short and long term?
  • What challenges get in the way of maintaining life balance?

We’ll also dive into our first two yoga lessons.

WEEK TWO: What is Mindfulness?

In addition to continuing yoga and wellness coaching, we’ll start to expand on the definition of mindfulness and what it means to you.

We’ll guide you through 2 short meditation lessons and give you cool homework that will help you implement a small yet powerful mindfulness practice in your life everyday.

WEEK THREE: Reflection

We’ll reflect upon the first two weeks of the program by asking questions like:

  • What progress would you like to celebrate?
  • What unexpected challenges have come up?
  • Have your goals changed since week 1? If so, how?

WEEK FOUR: Starting to Look Ahead – Purpose and Permission

We’ll give you a Yoga Sequencing 101 lesson to help you create your own 15, 30, and 45 minute home yoga practices.

We’ll also more fully explore your passions and how you can give yourself permission to explore them in your life? For example, you might love creative writing or painting but haven’t done either for ages. We’ll help you change that.

WEEK FIVE: Gratitude, Resourcefulness, and a Commitment to Yourself

We’ll reflect upon where you’ve been and where you’re going, as well as take a closer look at the resources available to help you maintain greater life balance in the future.