Life Balance Jumpstart: The Wellness Make-Over

31 Day Challenge for Change!

Join us during January, 2014 for our 31 Day Challenge for Change! 

We hope our challenge, which will take a minimum of 21 minutes of your day, will allow you to come home to yourself in new ways by stepping away from the busyness and to-dos of everyday life and into a quieter, centered space. From here new calm, self-trust, and clarity can be found.

Everyday, we’ll share tips and resources to keep you on track via Facebook and email.  We hope they’ll help support YOU in doing the work that will open up space for discovery.


This challenge is simple yet powerful and life changing. 

Everyday, we will all do:

  • a minimum of 10 minutes of yoga
  • 11 minutes of meditation

You can practice anytime of day and, if needed, can do the yoga and meditation separately.  What matters most is that you are allowing yourself the time for reflection and change.

If you’re newer to meditation, fear not! We’ve been posting quite a few introductory blogs on this site.  As for yoga – something we hope you will find or continue to connect with during the month to come is your intuition and ability to move from it.  If you are newer to yoga, simply giving yourself 10 minutes to stretch mindfully can be transformational.  We also encourage attending formal classes frequently during the challenge (especially ours in CT!). Classes can substitute your home yoga practice but ideally not the meditation. Please feel free to send any questions our way!!

Fill this out to sign up!


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