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Compost and Help the Planet!


And help your garden…

And save time and money on trips to the dump or by reducing your garbage pick up.

Here’s something you might find surprising:

Did you know that putting plant matter into landfills actually increases green house gases and slows down the process of decay?

Here’s why:

Products that are inherently biodegradable, like vegetable trimmings, egg shells and fruit, require soil, light, water, and bacterial activity for the decay process to occur.  When plant matter is instead buried under layers of inorganic waste, like plastics and other non- recyclables, an airless, anaerobic environment results.   Rather than decompose normally, the suffocated plant matter produces methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.

If you’d like to learn more about this stunted decay process, we recommend checking out the work of late Professor William Rathje, the founder of an anthropological study at the University of Arizona called Garbology.  Just to give you an idea of what he came across in his knee-deep landfill research: He unearthed hot dogs, corn cobs and grapes that were twenty-five years old and still recognizable; as well as newspapers and receipts from 1952 that were still easy to read.

So, how can we help you be part of the composting solution? 

With the help of our composting expert, Laura Herbert, a.ka. the Composting Queen, we’ll determine how and where to create your compost pile so it’s best for you and the environment.  We’ll also teach you the 101 about compost care.

$150 for this Add-On Service