Life Balance Jumpstart: The Wellness Make-Over



“I decided to try life coaching because I wanted to break a few bad habits, but my sessions with Sophie Herbert quickly became so much more. Through working with Sophie on a regular basis I have effectively identified and conquered many detrimental habits, while simultaneously homing in on what I truly value. With poignant questions, guided meditations, and nuanced insights Sophie has helped me align with my “higher self”, and find immediate ways to activate what I truly value in my daily life. During my work with Sophie I’ve taken control of demons that have haunted me for years, created opportunities to advance my career in exactly the direction I want to go, and increased my income significantly. Her kindness is palpable, her wisdom is deep, she keeps me accountable to my best self. Major gratitude.”
– Ariel Kiley, Yoga Instructor and Co-Author of Smitten: The Way of the Brilliant Flirt (Chronicle 2013)
“Working with Sophie has been a completely transformational experience. I sought Sophie out because I needed a coach to help me get back on my feet after taking some time off from my career as a photographer. When we began working all I had a was the seed of an idea. With Sophie’s guidance and support within 3 months I had created a new website, entirely new bodies of work, and was beginning to reach out to potential clients and generate paid work.

Sophie helped to make this fast track possible: whenever fears and doubts crept in, which might have otherwise stopped my momentum, with Sophie’s assurance and ability to unpack the true source of these emotions I was able to deal with what was coming up for me and move on.

Part of what makes Sophie such an effective coach is that she is exceptionally compassionate and generous. In between our sessions, she would often check in on me, especially if I had something important on the line – Sophie always remembered and wanted updates. She not only held me accountable, but was my tireless cheerleader. In every interaction I knew that Sophie was genuinely invested. I can’t say enough about the quality of her coaching!”
– Patryce Bąk, Photographer,


“It is a joy to practice yoga with Sophie. Sophie is alive to yoga–she is always learning, always expanding her practice–and this light in her, this receptive curiosity, is contagious.
With Sophie, I feel awake!”
– Sarah


“I have been practicing with Sophie both privately and in her classes at Park Slope Yoga. Privately, Sophie has been working with my strengths as well as my weaknesses, and is wonderfully talented at doing that. At group class, I know I am safe trying new things, as Sophie is constantly mindful about watching everyone in the room. I have been practicing for four years, and Sophie has become my favorite teacher. I am always learning and listening to her sage advice. She’s knowledgeable, capable, and beautiful to watch while you’re learning.”
– Lisa