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Fitting Your Practice into Your Schedule

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In the world we live in today, it seems like we are always so easily distracted or being pulled in hundreds of different directions, always feeling obligated to say “yes” or immediately respond to a text or email. So, how do we find the time, amidst a crazy schedule, to fit in a daily yoga & meditation practice? Well along the way we have been giving you subtle tips but here are 3 ways that help ME carve out time for my practice. (And trust me, I’m NOT always so successful).

1. Put it on your calendar. Make a note on your calendar as to when you are going to do your yoga and meditation. Make this work for you – morning, noon, or night. Sometimes it helps just to see it written down.

2. Remind yourself “it can wait.” No, not the yoga or meditation, but that email/project/phone call/laundry to fold — all of it — can wait!

3. Always go back to basics and do what you know. Yoga poses can be extremely simple – you could even think of this as “stretch” time if that takes the pressure off of remembering which “poses” you should be doing. Listen to your body, and if you feel stuck … child’s pose! Legs up the wall! Downward dog! This is daily yoga, not daily elaborate sequencing.

What are some ways that help you fit your practice into your busy schedule? We’d love to hear them!

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by Maggie Converse

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