Life Balance Jumpstart: The Wellness Make-Over

What makes your heart sing?

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Today we invite you to give yourself permission to do something you love.

Sounds pretty simple, right? In theory, yes it is, but in reality, it’s something so many of us struggle with. We have trouble letting go of the guilt of doing something just for ourselves. Something that might be completely impractical, completely unrelated to our work … but something that makes our heart sing! Maybe it’s that one thing that, when you are in the process, you feel like breaking out in song or your eyes well up with joyful tears.

What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing?

We want you to think of one thing today, big or small, that makes YOUR heart sing. Then, in the coming days, give yourself permission to do whatever this might be. The more you do this and recognize what it is you truly want, the closer you will be to your path. Not our boss’s, friends, or spouse’s path but your own very unique path.

Perhaps as you go into your meditation today, imagine yourself in your heart-singing action. Imagine the sounds, colors, and sensations that arise.

As always, we invite you to share with our beautiful LBJ 31DC4C community … what makes your heart sing?

If you are interested in exploring this further, we hope you will join us for our Set Your Intentions! Workshop this coming Saturday, January 12 from 2-4pm at M3 Yoga in Westport. To register, email 


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