Life Balance Jumpstart: The Wellness Make-Over

Special “Set Your Intentions!” Workshop

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We’re excited to announce the “Set Your Intentions!” workshop we’ll be leading at M3 Yoga in Westport on Saturday, January 11th from 2:00-4:00pm.  


When the New Year approaches, we resolve. We resolve to do things like go to the gym, practice yoga more regularly, eat more vegetables, meditate, and act more patiently with our family. However, it can be all too easy to quickly lose sight of these resolutions, and as soon as we “fail” we can be way too hard on ourselves.

So … how can we make changes, set small yet firm intentions, that will set us on the best path for an abundant new year? How can we establish these goals with healthy doses of determination and self-appreciation?

Come out and explore this question with us! 

We’ll lead you through an afternoon retreat of yoga and reflection.  We’ll not only define our greatest hopes and aspirations for 2014, but also lay the foundations for walking firmly down the path of actualization. There will be no shortage of heart-opening and grounding postures to get our bodies and minds ready for the year ahead. There will be meditation, there will be writing … and there will be sharing!* (*Please note: sharing is always optional!! This is a no-stress, safe-zone.)

What we request from you?

To bring a journal and an open mind…

Cost: $35 early registration / $45 day of registration

Please feel free to start a conversation about your hopes and goals for 2014!

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